10 Ways to Stay Creative Online

No matter how much you love social media, it may start to feel a little repetitive doing the same thing every day. Instead, try to consider the ways you could get creative with your approach and try something fresh and exciting to promote your company and build your online presence.


1. Challenge yourself to make sure your content is shareable.

Your content may be thoroughly researched and impeccably written; but if it isn’t shareable, its reach is fairly limited. Try to work out what you could add to your posts that could make your audience want to hit the ‘share’ button.


2. Don’t focus too much on your product or service.

If all you do online is talk about what you have to offer, your content will become stale and forgettable. Keep up with trending industry topic, the hottest influencers and exciting online trends that you could utilize in your posts.


3. Do a little more research into your audience.

You’d be surprised what you could learn by taking your audience research a little further. Try methods you haven’t tested yet, or even head outside and do some direct market research yourself.


4. Take a break and brainstorm.

Sometimes it can be helpful to step away from the computer. Grab a notepad and a pack of colorful pens and get started on scribbling down all your ideas, plans and thoughts.


5. Choose a new social media trend and test it out.

Do you know what’s new in social media? If not, find out and give some new techniques a whirl for yourself.


6. Create your own visuals to complement your content.

Visuals are the key for social content, so try your hand at taking some photos, creating your own graphics with Photoshop or using a simple design tool like Canva.


7. Host a contest or giveaway.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a competition, so share the fun with your fans! The best part is you’ll likely benefit from heightened engagement and clicks.


8. Catch up with your favorite influencers.

Take a look at what the people who inspire you are up to. They may have been working on some amazing projects that could help to inspire your own!


9. Chat with your audience.

Host a Twitter chat or reply to comments on Facebook. You’ll have fun learning more about your demographic while learning more about their needs in the process.


10. Keep track of your ideas.

Sometimes the most creative ideas come to us at the worst opportunities, meaning they’re often forgotten. Keep a notebook to list your best concepts, ready to use when the time is right.

Staying creative is key for ensuring the best new ideas for you and your campaign.


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