3 Tips for Utilizing Your LinkedIn Connections for Marketing

Using social media as a part of your business marketing strategy is an extremely favorable trend. From Facebook to Twitter, you can easily reach hundreds of thousands of new audience members instantly with careful planning. But, one underrated way that you can just as effectively market your business and brand with is through LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn you will be marketing for more than just selling a product; you can make beneficial connections to some industry leaders that can help you grow your business. You can promote and sell you products and services on LinkedIn but making these crucial connections can help you grow your business in a much more stable way.

Here are three ways you can use your LinkedIn account to help promote, grow and make useful connections on LinkedIn:

1) Utilize second and third-degree connections

The first degree connections are the individuals who you have either sent a connection request to or who you have accepted a connection invitation from. Second-degree connections are the people who are connections to your first-degree connections. Third-degree connections are people who have a connections to the second-degree connections. You can reach out to these second and third degree connections by contacting them through InMail. This is a way for you to easily expand your relationship in an easy and efficient way. You can introduce yourself to these connections as well as introduce them to the product or service you supply. This process is easier because you have a common connection with them. Theses second and third-degree connection are easy to find and show up in search results with an icon that indicates them as a second or third-degree connections.

2) Groups are one of the most effective ways to get more exposure

Participating in groups on LinkedIn can easily begin to get your name or brand out into the business world. It helps you establish yourself as a knowledgeable individual in your industry and builds up your credibility in front of your connections. Once you have established yourself in a few of the already available LinkedIn groups, you may want to consider starting your own. This can be a successful way to build a loyal audience because you can pick who you accept or invite into the group.

3) Utilize the LinkedIn publishing platform

You can tap into the LinkedIn community by submitting content to be featured on the LinkedIn Pulse. By adding your articles on the LinkedIn platform, you can get more visibility in your connections’ newsfeed and among some notable industry leaders. Aside from publishing on the LinkedIn community platform, you can also post articles on your profile page. This allows the content to be visible to anyone and not just those who you are connected with on LinkedIn.

Do you have a marketing strategy on LinkedIn which involves your connections? Have you generated results from it? We would love to hear about that in comments!

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