5 Tips to Get More ‘Organic’ Engagement on Facebook

When advertising a product or company on Facebook, or any other website for that matter, it is always important to have ever-growing organic engagement within your target community. Organic engagement is the total number of people that viewed your post through unpaid distribution. Paid engagement, on the other hand, is the total number of users who saw your post as a result of a paid ad. So, how to get more organic reach on Facebook so you don’t have to spend more money? These tips will help you answer.


1. Post Quality Content, Not Several Posts

The main reason people don’t get as many views on posts on Facebook is because there are simply too many posts. How would you react as a consumer if there were several posts from a company, but none of them were quality content? They would eventually get annoying, and you would have to go through all of them to get to the point of the product. Also, posting too many posts is a waste of time because when an individual opens up Facebook, only 300 posts are shown in their newsfeed. Therefore, if there are too many posts, the users will not see all of them, so they may be missing the point.


2. Publish “Evergreen” Content

Publishing evergreen content simply means creating a post that will remain true, or informative over a long period of time. If a post doesn’t get many likes or shares, then it will “disappear” in newsfeeds. Therefore, it is crucial that you post informative content that will remain true in case the posts reappear due to shares and likes. It is not professional if somebody shares your post, you get an inquiry about it, and then have to say the information is no longer accurate!


3. Use Post Targeting

When posting on Facebook, there is an option to tag criteria for which people you would like to reach. For example, if you are selling makeup accessories, you would want to tag women between a particular age range. This way the post would be “targeted” instead of reaching older men from your audience other groups less likely to purchase your product. This can also be useful if you are trying to reach people in a certain area. For example, if you are selling a business idea and only want people in New York to be targeted, you can select the state option and then choose New York. That way, only people in New York would be targeted and that will save you time and money.


4. Create Content that is Interesting to Your Users

It is crucial to make all of your posts interesting to your users. For instance, if you are selling make up accessories avoid making a post that says “One Eyeshadow for All Your Party Occasions”, and then try selling a glitter eye shadow. If a middle-aged woman wants to buy your products and sees this post, she may no longer be interested because she may think the company is targeted toward the younger crowd.


5. Posting at Off-Peak Hours

You may think that posting while everybody is online is a very good idea, but in reality, it’s the opposite. This is because when too many people are posting, the chance of your post being viewed is lower. However, if you post around 3:00 pm, your post will have a higher reach. It may be one of the first things user will see when they log in!


So, how are you going to use these tips to increase your organic engagement?

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