Ad Management

Pay-Per-Click Ad Management:

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy is a direct reflection of how PinkCilantro works as a whole; data-driven, hyper-monitored, ensuring that you achieve target placement and pricing. PPC advertising is the quickest way to get your business, campaign, or product in front of an actively seeking audience looking for a solution.

With a specialty in Google AdWords, our PPC services look to initially understand the strategy you wish to implement, or the strategy you already have in place, and facilitate the use of keyword and phrasing inclusions (as well as exclusions) and organic search engine writing strategy to improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Our PPC methods are data driven, but our processes are people powered, meaning there is always someone from the PinkCilantro team who knows your account and can help you with anything you need.

Social Media Ad Management:

PinkCilantro’s social media advertising management services means not just delivering statistically significant results, it means intentionally marketing to your future customers. By connecting your product or service to thousands of customers across multiple platforms, we reach your target audience with the goal of growing your customer base.

Effective social media advertising means more than just sales or clicks; it means growing your audience in a meaningful way that lets you speak to them directly more often, while our approach is finely curated and constantly revamped to make sure you’re reaching the right audience, the right way.

Our efforts focus on matching the right audience to your business. Through impression, reach, click-based, or re-targeting centered campaigns, we aim to engage and re-engage your customers with effective and relevant messaging that will leverage meaningful action across your campaigns.

PinkCilantro offers solutions in both creating your ads, and offering the tools to understand the most effective use of your campaign dollars. From data-focused and A/B testing, to deploying different strategies in full advertising purchases and optimization, your advertising strategy is not left to chance.

What our clients say

PinkCilantro energized the social media component of our campaign. Once they began managing our social media we immediately saw an increase in every measure of engagement across all of our social media platforms. Their contribution went beyond technical aspect. They made a meaningful contribution to content and design. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing to ramp up their social media presence.

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President Southwest Airport Services, Inc

Bill King

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