Blogging and Social Media Marketing: Can They Work Together?

They may seem like two separate marketing entities, your blog and your social media account, but they can easily work together. Each blog and social media platform can instantly help the other and can bring in more traffic to your business website or boost sales of your product. It is becoming easier to make these two marketing tools work together for optimal results.

First let’s start out with why having a blog can help you build your business. For many businesses, they believe that creating some ads and displaying them will catch the eye of all their target audience’s attention, and the profits will begin to soar. But, what many businesses are starting to realize and even more are already doing is the power of building a brand. Creating a blog is not just a way for you to give out specific details about the products or services you provide. It is a way for you to gain credibility in the industry. When a customer can see that you know what you are talking about, and it is obvious that many others trust your word, you can quickly bring in more audience members. A blog is a way for you to build your brand, get your name out in a global market and a way to build your credibility. People will go with a company they feel they can trust than a company they have never heard of before. And a blog is an easy way for you to gain that confidence.


Making Your Blog and Social Media Account Work Together:

Now, how can you make your blog and your social media account work together as an optimal marketing tool? This can be done in a number of ways. One of the best ways to do this is by using your social media accounts as a free way to promote your blog. You can easily get your blog post seen by thousands of people by incorporating a link to your social media accounts and optimizing the use of hashtags and keywords to get your content viewed by more people.

You can easily add links to posts’, pictures or videos that can redirect your social media traffic to your blog and vice versa. It can be easier for you to get your content shared over social media platforms simply by asking your followers and fans to share what they like. This is also a great way to get your followers and fans to interact with your content more.

There are also ways you can use your blog to grow your social media accounts as well. Most bloggers will have like, tweet or other social media specific action buttons on their blog page. This makes it incredibly easy for visitors of their blog to instantly like them on one of the many social media platforms they use regularly. There are also ways you can add in ‘re-tweet’ or have content specifically available for readers to post directly to their social media accounts. This, in turn, can have your business reaching a much larger audience than before.

Your followers on social media will love to see quality content from your blog and your blog readers will love to share your content on social media.

What do you think about integrating social media and blog together? Let’s share in comments!

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