But first, let my company take a selfie

Just hire a millennial. They know about the Instagam: why hiring the right people is harder than you think

There are no shortages of articles about how much time millennials spend on their phone and engaged in social media. According to Entrepreneur.com, they spend a combined total of 18 hours a day browsing different platforms. Most of it is done simultaneously, like messaging on Facebook and browsing Instagram. And despite the millennial generation’s ability to navigate through social media platforms with ease, it isn’t an innate skill.

Just like any skill, it requires practice. Sure, many people, if not most, would agree that spending hours on Twitter and Instagram hardly qualifies as practicing anything. But think about how you browse your social media feeds. Think about the brands you follow, the pages you like, the companies you tweet to. Isn’t there something aesthetically pleasing about their Instagram layout? And how about when a company responds back to a tweet? It doesn’t matter if it’s funny or informative, it’s still pretty cool. This type of digital magic requires more than a few magic words and clicks of a mouse.

Speaking of magic words, it’s easy to get swept away by social media trends. From selfies to #foodporn to trying to figure out what color that dress was (it’s white and gold), it’s a chance for your voice to get heard and millennials tend to be pretty good at riding these waves. But companies need to be more careful and exact when it comes to jumping on these trends. “Bae” and “on fleek” may work for the average Twitter user but unless it matches the voice of the brand, it’s going to look weird. Like a company is trying too hard. Would you trust a vitamin company that claims their vitamin B12 can help you “get crunk at the club #sqaudgoals”? Yea. Neither would we.

There is a huge difference between using something and knowing how to use something (think about all the times your mom has asked you to help her on Facebook). These social media platforms are constantly changing and it’s important to understand how it’ll affect your brand. Did you hear that Twitter will allow DMs to be more than 140 characters? Doesn’t really matter to the people using 3-5 different messaging apps. But to your company? This means you can use Twitter to have conversations that required a customer to visit another page, fill out another form and wait for a response. It’s a new level to connect that many people sort of just glanced over.

Picking the right person, or PEOPLE, to navigate the nuisances of social media is more than just birth certificate deep. It takes passion, persistence, creativity, research and everything in between to make something as complex as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, YouTube and Google+ look #flawless.

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