Canva and Pablo: The Pros And Cons Of Both

Any web designer or photography lover knows about the multitude of image editing tools available on the web. Not only can they enhance photos, but they are a necessity if you want to optimize the look of your site and/or content. Two of these tools are particularly popular and we will discuss them in this post.

They are Canva and Pablo. Although both serve the same general purpose of creating quality images for social media, they are quite different as far as specific features are concerned. Both tools are great and can be immensely helpful, but there are also pros and cons to each.


Canva was probably the first dedicated online program for editing social media images. It is also perhaps the easiest to use.

  1. Towards the left-hand sidebar, you can see hundreds of templates available for design.
  2. Are you looking for something specific? Then why not give the search bar a try. With the search bar, you can quickly find any image/graphic you are looking for.
  3. It isn’t just about photo enhancement, however. True, you can add innumerable design options to totally trick out your current photograph, but Canva also comes with the option to begin your own unique idea with their suggested layouts.
  4. The ability to upload your own creations makes it easier to craft the images you envision.

There are few drawbacks also to this otherwise excellent program.

Canva comes with the ability to add multiple layers and size your photos to very specific dimensions, but if you are looking for a platform which can create something that can rival the best of photoshopped pictures, then Canva is not the option for you. It keeps everything in a rather simplistic fashion, so for very complex designs and arts, you would need Photoshop itself.



Pablo is the invention of Buffer and serves a similar purpose to Canva. If you are looking to customize images for Tweets and Facebook posts in under a minute, then Pablo is the program for you.

Everyone knows that image tweets and posts on Facebook are dozens of times more successful than mere text. This is where Pablo can come into play. Easily combine any text you desire with an appropriate picture, and you will soon be have much more success with your images on social media.

All one has to do is to simply insert their text in Pablo’s “text box”, and then upload their picture of choice or select from the library of free stock images with the option on the left sidebar.

Pablo is great for creating images quickly and on the go, but it is not an award winning “out of this world” option. For truly exceptional image posts with layers of colors, highlights, lighting options, and the likes, a more complex tool is recommended.

In all, Canva and Pablo by Buffer are two great programs to use when creating images for social media. They’re both quick and easy for getting posts up and making them look professional. Of course, as with anything, they have their pros and cons, but both are well worth your time to check out.

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