Clickbait: The Pros and Cons

Wherever you spend your time online, you’ve more than likely been tempted by clickbait at one point or another. Love it or hate it, clickbait has become an essential tool for content marketers, helping them to garner clicks and engagement from social media users everywhere.

But when we’re all so used to seeing clickbait articles appearing in our feeds, are we becoming immune to their trickery? It’s time to consider the pros and cons of clickbait and whether it’s worth using as part of a forward thinking content marketing strategy.


But first, what exactly is clickbait?

The term ‘clickbait’ refers to content that is written purely to gather as many clicks as possible. It is usually presented in the form of blog posts, articles or videos and is commonly shared on social media or popular ‘listicle’ sites such as BuzzFeed, Elite Daily or Thought Catalog.

Elements of a typical clickbait post typically include:


It’s time to weigh up the pros…


…and the cons:

After reading through both the good and bad points regarding the use of clickbait, it may be easier to come to a decision on whether to include it in your blog posts or site shares. Social media marketing is a chance to be creative, so don’t be afraid to create your own take on the trends and try something new!

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