Getting Started With Facebook Ads: 5 Things You Need to Know

Social media sites like Facebook are always changing, evolving into newer, better functioning versions of themselves. Every few months you’re likely to notice new or updated features, which sometimes touch on the marketing elements of the site.

As it happens, Facebook ads have recently been updated, so whether you’re a social media rookie just getting started, or a seasoned pro looking to make the most of the changes, here are five things you need to know about if you want to boost your campaign to its maximum potential.


Featuring your sales catalogue on your ads

If you’re selling a product, you may have an online catalogue available for visitors to browse. With the new targeted Facebook ads, your products will be directly shown to potential buyers!

The new ad template will import your product photos, titles, prices and any additional information featured on your catalogue.

The product shown will be based on the user’s previous searches and interests.


Displaying carousel ads on mobile devices

While carousel ads have been available on Facebook Ads since 2014, they are only now becoming compatible with mobile devices.

This update will allow mobile users to view just as many images and links as desktop users can, all within one simple ad – leading to more potential conversions.


Updates to Facebook’s Ad Manager and Power Editor

The ad managers and editors have been powerfully upgraded, giving users a more user friendly interface that is also able to support mass editing and more advanced search terms.

The updates to the Manager also make it a lot simpler for marketers to review the performance metrics of their ads.


Allowing users to contact you with a click

Marketing yourself effectively online is key, but in today’s busy world users can sometimes be put off by the fact they’d have to search for your contact details and input them into their device before getting in touch.

Luckily, Facebook ads can now feature a direct ‘call now’ button, which will replace the previous ‘get directions’ tab.

The button is placed just below your ad and will allow the user to call you with a simple tap from their smartphone.


Managing your campaign through a mobile device

Up until fairly recently, your only option for managing your Facebook ad campaign would be to modify the settings using a computer browser.

However, as of 2015, social media marketers can now use the Ads Manager App to make things a little simpler. Once installed, you’ll be able to use it to view your statistics, edit your ad, update your payment information, create a schedule or even create an ad from scratch – all from your iPhone or Android device.


These subtle yet effective changes can truly make a difference to the success of your Facebook ad campaign, so take a moment to learn what’s offered and utilize each tool to its full extent!

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