Got a Sense of Humor? Here’s Why You’ll Fit in on Social Media!

When the first social media networks appeared they were mostly used for communication between individuals. Once these networks started attracting thousands of people, businesses used this opportunity to start promoting their products and services. Today it is almost impossible to say that your online presence is successful if you are not active on at least one social media platform. But, in order to reap the full benefits of this presence you need to develop a good plan and strategy.

And any good social media your strategy should contain humor.

Just think about it. Humor is part of many advertising campaigns practiced by some of the most popular brands in the world. Today, when the business is moving in the virtual world; we need to learn how to use humor on social media. It will help keep your audience engaged.

If you do a little research and analyze the posts that have most likes, shares, retweets and other forms of interaction, you’ll find that these most often have a note of humor. Everybody likes to laugh and everybody likes to make their friends laugh. So you can certainly add some humor to spice things up and grab the attention of your audience. But, what are some other benefits of using humor in your marketing strategy?

Many experts in psychology can confirm that laughter is social, and this is something that we all notice because we rarely laugh when we are alone. Laughing is an activity that can relax and calm anyone. Humor that causes laughter can create unity among different groups. This is the point of having a fan page or group in the first place – to create a loyal community.

As we’ve said before, humor is here to make us feel good and positive. People tend to feel most inclined to share their feelings when they feel good about themselves. If you check the comments on social media networks after some fun marketing campaign, you will notice that people usually want to express their gratitude for the content. As we all know, every comment, like and share counts as the page or profile gets more exposure because of that. It is much easier to create a solid viral marketing post if it contains humor.

A serious and boring status update, video or image will be remembered by only a small number of people and for only a short amount of time. On the other hand, a post that has makes them laugh will be remembered and shared for days or even months.

People who are funny and have a sense of humor will fit on any social media platform. The key is for your humor to remain relevant, tasteful, and in the right doses.


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