Here’s How to Create Instagram Ads that Convert

Instagram- as a part of the new wave of social media, is making a significant contribution towards social media marketing. With over 400 million users, the opening of the ad platform means new business opportunities for internet marketers. The influx of images marked with ‘Sponsored’ tag on Instagram signifies that the trend is already taken to the streets. However, not everyone is capable of succeeding on creation of successful Instagram ads that would convert as intended. Therefore, here we will guide you on how to create ads on Instagram that would seal the deal for you.


Utilize video content

Interacting with your fans is as important as getting them to like and share your posts. Which means you must utilize creative videos as a part of your ads to engage the fans comprehensively. A 15-seconds long video will pack details and emotions that would appeal to your fans more than words or even pictures.  Successful videos will always keep your web audience coming back for more. Which is why Instagram ads that convert usually carry engaging videos in them.


The power of hashtags

A conversation must continue for a while in order to engage more people around it. As social media thrives on networking, the more active a thread is, the more chances it would sustain in engaging new fans to it. Therefore, utilization of hashtags on Instagram in ads for purposes such as product launches and even contest campaigns could serve your ambitions well.  Ask your friends to post a response and share it with their own networks, and the ads will go viral that way.


Keep it consistent

Keeping a constant flow of ads is fine. However, making them downpour is not ideal at all. If you post 50 posts within a couple of hours, you’d be flooding a message that people won’t stand a chance to figure out as they’d be left with little time to think what they see. It’s always a matter of getting into their heads rather than making them scroll their way through your account. Post the best ads and keep them in a moderate pace.


Give what you love receiving

The basic thing for creation of any advertisement that would deliver as intended, is making sure that what you put on the advertisements are things that would appeal for the curiosity of people. If you could recall those ads that managed to connect with you, an understanding as to how they managed to do so would help you in creating your own ads; that would connect people in equal measures.


Do you use Instagram advertising to promote your content? Would you be using these recommendations? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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