Houston let that nerd flag fly

Nerd is now the word. And that word is spreading fast. From superhero movies to subscription boxes, League of Legends recognized as a sport to Harry Potter World, it’s never been a better, or funner, time to let that nerd flag fly.

And that includes living in Houston. Sure, you may not immediately associate Houston with nerd culture, but with a city of over 2 million (and that’s just IN the city), you can find what you didn’t even know you needed. Let’s take a short tour, shall we?

Maple Leaf Bar: Geeks Who Drink
Because it isn’t trivia night unless there’s alcohol involved, the Maple Leaf Bar provides the thrill of using your expansive knowledge of real-world useless knowledge with an amazing selection of drinks for a Thursday night that you’ll want to nerd rage about every week.

Nan Games and Comics
Obscurity meets the rare at Nan’s. From board games, card games and, of course, comic books, you’ll always find something new (to you, at least) and don’t worry; if there’s something you’re looking for, the staff will move heaven and earth to find it. Or at least a few boxes.

Pop Culture Company:
Trying to start reading comics but seem to get lost in alternate universes that aren’t canon but then later on become canon but with slight variations to the original? Don’t Boba Frett about it; Pop Culture Company is great for guppy nerds just testing the waters. Bring your water wings.

The Hobbit Cafe:
For a casual date with your Elf prince or princess, The Hobbit Cafe is a fun place to enjoy all seven meals of the day. Even if they haven’t heard of second breakfast.

Joystick Games:
Remember hauling a sock full of quarters to the arcade just to beat that one level? Joystick remembers. For only $15, you can play 200 arcade games for free. That’s right. Just pay for the privilege of being surrounded by all those machines and you can play them until carpal tunnel sets in.

Insomnia Video Game Culture:
You don’t have enough toys and figurines. It’s true. No matter what your shelf tells you, there is always room in your heart for more. Thankfully, Insomnia Video Game Culture is there to help you fill that void. They post their new items on their website so you can browse at your leisure before wandering in and buying more things you didn’t know you needed.

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Houston let that nerd flag fly

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