How to Create Ad Copies that Get the Highest Engagement on Instagram

Instagram might just be the perfect place for visual marketing, especially for smaller businesses. Instagram allows a user to post pictures, include captions and hashtags, and then follow, and be followed by people who will see the posts. In recent studies, polls show that companies who use Instagram for advertisements see a 25% increase in engagement compared to other social marketing platforms. The key to using any social media website for marketing purposes is to use the site correctly and to its full potential.


The most important thing about an Instagram post is not only the graphic itself, but the hashtags that are used in the caption. When a user goes on Instagram, they not only scroll through their friends pictures, but they also can search for ideas, or products they are looking for through a hashtag search. Of course, there are always hashtags that receive more attention than others. So it is important to look at what people are currently searching and are interested in. This way you can add a hashtag and the ad will be on the popular list instead of being hidden behind “piles of other ads, or pictures”. A good way to determine this is to look at what others are talking about and doing a little research from there. There are new topics to talk about every day, so don’t expect to get the same results from the same hashtag every time.  Another great way to see what people are talking about is to check out sites, such as Webstagram, that show the most used hashtags of the day.


The Most Popular Hashtags

As of right now, there are over 20 popular hashtags that can help you receive attention. These are: #love, #instagood, #follow, #me, #cute, #tbt, #followme, #like, #photooftheday, #tagsforlikes, #girl, #beautiful, #happy, #fun, #instadaily, #picoftheday, #smile, #selfie, #igers, and #friends.

However, if you have something like women’s clothing that you are marketing, you should, of course, use another hashtag saying #womensclothing, or something of that nature.



Not only do people search through hashtags on Instagram, but they also search via filters. Filters are the different photo options you have when submitting your photo. These filters include normal,  clarendon, gingham, moon, lark, reyes, juno, slumber, crema, ludwig, aden, perpetua, amaro, mayfair, rise, hudson, valencia, x-pro 2, sierra, willow, lo-fi, inkwell, hefe, earlybird, and nashville.

Out of these, the top ten that are searched include normal, earlybird, valencia, x-pro 2, rise, amaro, hefe, hudson, lo-fi, and sierra.

Therefore, when creating an ad, especially for Instagram, it is important to keep the different filters in mind. What may look great in an inkwell filter could look horrible in a nashville setting. Make sure to research what is most popular for the day, and use that filter.

Along with the use of correct hashtags and filters, it is necessary to make sure that you are showing off the ‘personality’ of your brand and not the product itself, generally. Take the Instagram users on a visual journey about your brand, your products and results. They will love to get inspired by the product and share the content with their friends.


Have you used Instagram for advertising? What are your secrets to having an effective ad copy? We would love to discuss in comments!

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