How To Incorporate GIFs Into Your Visual Content?

GIFs or Graphic Interchange Formats were originally one of the earliest forms of moving images on the web and, to no surprise, they are still popular today. GIFs are created by taking a series of pictures and bringing them to life on a short, animated clip that goes on a continuous loop. They can also be used to display data in a more interactive way. Customers have access to multiple devices and a perpetually updating stream of new content. You can’t neglect one of the internet’s beloved and oldest image video hybrids in your marketing. Here is how you can incorporate GIFs into your visual content marketing.


Adding character to the content

The worth of GIFs lies in their ability to display complex emotions in the span of a few seconds. The looping clips spark a variety of emotions within the users and can be an excellent way to add personality into content marketing.


Compelling educational material

GIFs are much more than cute animals, memes and clips from your favorite movies/shows. They can be used for product reviews, animated tutorials and company announcements. Adding GIFs to a customer support page or tutorial gives a visual edge to the content. This’ll help give information quickly and keep the audience engaged throughout the process.

GIFs can also be used to motivate your audience to engage with your content. This helps in making new connections, retaining current customers and giving people something to engage with.


Bringing the data to life

GIFs help bring your data to life. Facts look livelier when they are communicated through GIFs. They can be used for creating maps to give directions, show how well a product performs, give out facts from your latest survey and more.


Creating engaging email campaigns

Modern email marketing is lucky to have GIFs. They increase engagement and are the perfect call-to-action to draw users’ attention.


Worth a thousand words

Humans process visual information quicker than written content and we’re bound to remember it for a longer time. Therefore, visuals are incredibly powerful tools for brands. As a hybrid of videos and images, GIFs are the perfect type of content to use for almost all marketing channels. After all, who doesn’t like a bit of humor?


Caution while using GIFs

But, be cautious when you use GIFs. Yes, they’re an excellent way to bring in more engagement, but there is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate GIFs. What seems funny and engaging to you may be offensive to a few of your fans. Generally, GIFs are pretty easy to understand and loved by all, but caution is always necessary while marketing.



Trying GIFs in your visual content strategy ensures that you are providing value and information to your readers in an engaging way. You simply have no reason not to try GIFs in your marketing!

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