How to Sell Your Products Successfully via Instagram

Instagram is all the rage right now with brands, celebrities and us ‘regular folk’ all posting millions of photo and video updates on the social network.

While Facebook and Twitter may still be the most popular networks and contain the widest demographics, it’s important to understand that other sites are becoming just as well known around the web. Today, Instagram has over 300 million active users. While this may not seem like a ‘must’ in comparison to Facebook’s 1.44 billion, it’s still a high enough number to bring the platform into consideration.

Instagram may serve as the ideal platform for promoting your wares, but simply posting a photo of your product isn’t going to be enough if you want to achieve optimal conversion. What else can you do?


Introducing the ‘Shop Now’ button!

Earlier in 2015, Instagram introduced a selection of new call to action links, such as the ‘shop now’ and ‘install’ buttons.

These are now located just underneath Instagram photos that have been shared by brands, stores, apps or businesses who provide a product or service online.

After being initially taken in by the photo itself, users will benefit from the direct link to the page from which they can purchase the displayed item, ensuring they can grab the product they want in no time. Considering how popular visual marketing has become through social media, the new buttons are bound to be a success. Younger buyers are following their favorite celebrities and fashion brands in the hope of recreating their famous styles for themselves.

Conversion rates will no doubt be higher too due to the convenience of being taken to the item in a matter of clicks, rather than having to manually search for an item or retailer through a search engine.

Although these buttons will not yet be shown to all Instagram users, they are currently being rolled across the site, so don’t forget to keep an eye out in the near future.


Sponsored posts are changing, too.

Sponsored posts have been around for a while, but Instagram has started to overhaul the concept as of late. Many users had been complaining about seeing irrelevant posts in their feed.  So what has Instagram done to change that?


Instagram’s new targeting capabilities will be beneficial to Sponsored Posts.

Sponsored posts will soon utilize the same targeting strategies used by Facebook – the parent company of Instagram.

These techniques will help ensure users are shown more relevant content in the hope they will find sponsored posts more relevant and something they actually want to see.


By combining these helpful features with your existing marketing content and visual posts, you’ll be sure to notice an increase in traffic, engagement and conversion rates.

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