PinkCilantro is not a crazy new fad diet.

What is PinkCilantro?

PinkCilantro is a Social Media Marketing agency that focuses on brand storytelling across platforms. We drive business results with creative campaigns and relationships.

At the core, PinkCilantro is a creative agency. Our specialty is social media, and we take great pride in what we produce. Our clients’ campaigns come to life with a strong mix of real-time data, creativity, and our bad to the bone, in-it-to-win-it teamwork. We believe in results above all else, and that content without purpose is just noise. Delivering measurable ROI is how we calculate our success, and you could say that we are a little bit obsessed. We revolutionize the way brands listen, engage and interact in the social spaces. 


creative consultation
social media audit
micro-content creation
social media platform set-up
brand voice guides
content strategy
social copywriting
social media management
online branding
online lead building / PR-sales opportunities
social analytics
real-time data
social media workshops
one-on-one and corporate training


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