The Shooting Club

The Shooting Club came to PinkCilantro with an idea; bringing firearm enthusiasts together, across the web, in an entirely new social platform. PinkCilantro came in to help finish the social app and to tap into the community to build excitement before the release.

Through a campaign built around reaching the firearm community, PinkCilantro and The Shooting Club promoted their social pages as well as their application-based community. Starting with a pre-launch initiative around SXSW, PinkCilantro offered an interactive Shooting Club range experience that received media coverage from outlets including Fox, Inc., Daily Dot, and more. Educational content was also crafted to help gun enthusiasts and interested beginners understand how the app would help promote gun safety while also encouraging competitive community play. Within six weeks of launch, the Shooting Club app attracted over 11,000 unique mobile applications downloads, and the initial educational content was replaced with interactive polls and content to engage the community and capture consumer data. The Shooting Club currently boasts 80,000+ active social users and 100+ partner shooting ranges that participate as brand ambassadors.

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