Social Media Reporting

Believe it or not, we think analysis is fun. We always pursue the highest scores and best numbers possible for our clients. Modern-day social media reporting analytics can tell you not only if someone saw your post, but how long they looked at it, and what response it evoked. You can tell someone’s age, occupation, location, and likes and interests. You can tell where they clicked on the post, where they went, and how long they stayed there. The amount of information can be mind-boggling (if not a bit scary).

Of course, it only matters if those numbers actually mean something. So our analysis is always used to measure progress toward your business goals. We don’t just focus on the numbers that make us look good. Sure, a ton of likes and shares are nice, but are those the right people and how can we convert them into customers? How should you best budget your ad dollars to make the most of each impression? We know that every dollar counts and it’s our job to ensure you get the highest return. When it comes to buying social media advertising, a dollar not tracked is a dollar wasted. Make Your Numbers Count

Search Engine Reporting

How are our marketing efforts translating into traffic to your site? Are the posts bringing in more of the right people and driving your numbers up? Are the visitors doing what we want when they get there? These are questions you can answer with effective web analytics. By watching the numbers on a daily basis and comparing across time segments, we can test and refine our moves based on results.

It’s also important to understand your website’s traffic patterns before we even get started. What works already? What can we expand on? What existing patterns can we capitalize on? As the results roll in from each post, blog, email blast, or other content we will be able to determine what works best and what we need to do more of. Your website is a fundamental part of your business and understanding how and why people get there is important. Avoid Traffic Jams


What our clients say

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