What’s your why? Not only for yourself, but for your customers. What are you excited about each day? Why are people excited about your product? When the answer to these questions converge, you get the magic of social media marketing. We will help you find it.

We want to know all about you. We want to get inside your head, understand your motivations, and then do the same with your customer base. A full understanding of this all-important “why” from both angles is the key to building successful social media marketing. It’s not about creating ads and waiting for the results. You have to go out there and get people and convince them to invite you into their daily lives. And you’re definitely going to need a plan. Develop A Deeper Understanding For Your Brand Today!



An impeccable strategy is the backbone of any successful marketing effort. Beautiful pictures and clever words are nice, but they mean nothing if not built upon a solid, well-defined, and on-point strategy.

We use insights and knowledge gained from our experience, as well as research done specifically for your business and current situation. We get to know your customer base, your competitors, and the landscape of your particular field and current situation. We learn your business thoroughly, and align that information with your goals to create a solid plan of action.

Once we develop the perfect strategy, it’s the basis of every decision we make. Every member of our team brings invaluable insights to every decision and executes based on implementing your carefully developed strategy. Let’s Build a Better Roadmap Today!



Understanding who your competition is and where you stand in relation to them is vital to your brand’s success. You also need to know where you stand in the eyes of the consumer, and where you want to end up at.

Bad positioning means wasted time and money. It can damage your reputation and tarnish your image. It is critical to have the right voice, tone, and audience from the very start. It’s an uphill battle to carve out your optimized social space and you must hit the ground running.

Throwing content out and hoping the right people see it is not a recipe for success. It’s spinning your wheels. Certain demographics are in different spaces at different times. The landscape is ever-changing. It takes constant research, measurement, and adjustment to keep up. It also takes a deep interest in the social media world. What’s coming up on the horizon? What’s just a passing trend? What do we need to jump on right now? At PinkCilantro, we live and breathe social media. It’s not just a job for us. Find Your Sweet Spot Today!






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