Should You Use Snapchat For Marketing?

Just when you think you’ve figured out all of the social media networks, another platform pops up. You’ve figured out how to engage your customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so why use another one?

Well, Snapchat is not just any other video and photo sharing app. With more than 100 million daily active users, it is becoming one of the most important marketing platforms and that can’t be ignored. According to a recent survey, Snapchat’s majority user base is between the ages of 18 to 35. Though your target audience may not be in that age group, Snapchat marketing can benefit your business in many different ways. Here are the primary benefits of marketing on Snapchat.


  1. Convenience

One of the benefits of Snapchat is its convenience. It’s hard to tell a story while keeping the audiences entertained on social media, but with the “My story” feature on Snapchat, you can create an engaging story to tell users more about your business. Since stories on Snapchat are available for only 24 hours, you get the opportunity to give your customers a creative and entertaining experience.


  1. Fun & Excitement

You can only see something on Snapchat for a limited period of time, which is fun and probably is the reason for its success. A ‘fun’ feature for your brand to share exclusive content with!


  1. Promotions and Offers

We get hundreds of emails every day, offering us discounts and other promotional offers, which we just ignore because we have better things to do. On Snapchat, you can send snaps of promotional offers, which is a better way to give out discount codes as the audience gets an entertaining message with them too. Businesses can measure the success of their campaigns by the number of screenshot snaps or used promo codes.


  1. Memorable

Since the snaps can only be ten seconds long, which is a considerably short period of time to spark someone’s interest and successfully deliver your message, you really need to be creative about what to show them. This means you’ll have to give out only the content that is absolutely the best: Content that is engaging and something that the users will love to remember.


  1. Engagement

When talking about social media, ‘engagement’ is one word that is used often. On Snapchat, the best way to have your followers engage with you is through contests. For instance, you can ask your audience to try out your product and send a review to enter a contest. And these snaps may be used on other social platforms as content too!


Amid all the clutter everyone is making about Snapchat, it’s no wonder that businesses have understood the importance of Snapchat and are working on creative marketing methods. Snapchat is still evolving so many more marketing opportunities will hopefully be available soon!

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