Social Media and SEO: Can They Work Together?

Social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two closely linked strategies. Both intend on building an online identity and personality that’s appealing towards the viewers. Social media basically relies on high-quality content as well as the consistent implementation of brand presence.  However, the concept of SEO has changed dramatically in relation to the web search engines over the years. SEO is not just about keywords and link building now. As a result, since content has gained an even bigger importance in online marketing than it previously used to; it’s important to know what a collaboration of social marketing and SEO could do in order to maximize on online traffic for commercial gains. Which is why here we are going to ascertain if these two can work together in a mutually fruitful manner.


Growing the number of followers

Your rankings on the Google/Bing are now considering the number of followers and the connections your social media profiles can convey on your behalf. However, the search engines are capable of detecting the qualitative aspects of the online traffic also, and therefore are capable of seeing who actually engages with your posts rather than the scores of ‘proxy followers’ that you buy. That’s why it’s important to have a consistent presence online, and make your online personality and voice apparent. The articles, helpful tips as well as inquiries and polls that would engage the viewership would not only solidify the current base of followers you have, but attract new followers at the same time.

Google has also started indexing your tweets and Google+ posts in search results.


Capability to optimize the posts in search engine results

Search engines tend to favor popular social media related updates. This is an opportunity for you to obtain a high position in search results which are highly volatile. To do so, your posts should be constantly optimized to grab the opportunity when it’s presented.

Sharing on social media could validate and affirm a brand’s authority. Search engines thrive on verifiable external sources that validate brands and content, and social media is a perfect channel for that.

The key is to get as many engagers as possible to connect with your posts, in the form of liking, sharing, and commenting. For this, the best way is to appeal towards the audience directly and entice them into connecting with posts in means such as offering a reward, or posting on topics that have obtained their constant attention. The SEO optimization functions automatically with social media posts, hence as you build greater and more engaged community on social media; you’ll increase your rankings on search engines also.

Do you think social media and search engines will be more integrated in 2016? Let’s discuss in comments!

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