Twitter Turns 10: Biggest Updates To Twitter Over The Years

The micro-blogging platform that revolutionized how the world communicates with 140 characters turned ten in March.  It’s hard to believe that such an omnipresent service is just a decade old. The company has a lasting legacy as a platform that everyone from celebrities to that-one-kinda-friend-you-had-in-high-school frequent.

Social media changes rapidly. Twitter especially has changed a lot since its launch in 2006. In this post, we’re looking at a few of the biggest Twitter updates over the years.


New Design

A major update to Twitter’s web view was the added inline tweet composer. While the compose button and the composer pop-up remain, now you can add a new tweet faster from the left-hand side menu. The update also included a fresh design for the navigation bar and a profile setting to choose accent colors.

Today the Twitter home page today appears clean, dominated with white space and a card-style layout of tweets. In 2007, Twitter’s homepage had an aquamarine border and a lengthier service description. Again in 2008, the company decided to switch over to landscape orientation and eliminated random user feed updates altogether.


More images

It has not been long that Twitter has added inline image previews to its official apps, including the web view. Twitter has now given more focus to the visual content in the latest redesign.


Logo changes

Twitter’s most fascinating element is probably its logo- the blue Twitter bird. It wasn’t always how it looks now. It took a lot of changes for us to see the now universally-recognized logo.

  1. The Twitter bird was first blue with a light blue underbelly and a white eye spot.
  2. They then made a big change by turning the bird cartoonish with eyebrows and feet.
  3. In the next edit, Twitter then removed the feet but kept the bird aquamarine in color.
  4. With the next design change, they dropped the white eye and went the dark blue color and added new wings.
  5. Today’s Twitter logo is the simplest version: a minimalist flat blue bird.


Live Periscope broadcasts

The company recently announced that Periscope broadcasts will be shown directly in Twitter. Users will no longer have to go to the Periscope app to join the party!


GIF search

Because a GIF is worth more than 140 characters, Twitter recently introduced GIF search. Users can now search GIFs directly in the app or website and tweet them right away. This is one more type of content  Twitter users to engage with.



Twitter has changed a lot throughout the years. Due to periods of struggle, it became clear to Twitter that it needs to improve to stay relevant. It’ll be exciting to see what awesome changes await us in the coming years.

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Twitter Turns 10: Biggest Updates To Twitter Over The Years

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