What Does Your Online Presence Say About Your Brand?

The way you manage your online presence will speak volumes about your brand, so it’s worth taking a moment to determine the way you come across. Think of it a little like an old-school personality quiz. Which type are you?

1. I don’t use social media. Ever.

There’s your problem. While it may seem intimidating at first, getting started with social media is easier than ever. There’s a whole wealth of information online that can give you the tips you need to get your shiny new profiles up and running.
If you’d rather not go it alone, you may benefit from a professional social media platform set-up. Or, if time is the issue, why not consider paid social media management? You’ll be able to get down to business, knowing the pros will take good care of your online presence.

2. I post what I want, who cares what people think?

Well, actually; you should! If you’re posting content that’s uninteresting, strongly opinionated or even offensive, you could be alienating a huge number of potential clients.
By acting unprofessionally online, you’re showing your followers that you don’t care about the way you’re viewed in a professional setting. Subsequently, they may decide to take their business elsewhere.
Be honest with yourself. Is the content you’re posting really what you’d expect from a respected industry professional? If not, now is the ideal time to turn things around.
A creative consultation or social media audit from an expert will help you see exactly where you’re going wrong and how you can make a positive change.

3. I post appropriate content but get no likes or follows.

We hear you. Sometimes it can be hard to get noticed in the vast world of social media, but don’t worry – there’s hope for you yet!
You can’t expect users to flock to your page after a few social media posts. The key here is engagement, on top of high quality content.
Are you taking the time to follow other users, comment or tweet? If not, give it a try. Alternatively, a social media workshop could be just what you need to learn the most effective ways to utilize your profile.

4. I post frequently and generate plenty of engagement.

It sounds like you’ve got the package deal. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into your social media marketing campaign, so kudos to you!
If your success ever becomes a little too much, make sure the quality of your content doesn’t slip! Professional content strategists, social copywriters, and management teams are always available to ensure consistent quality – even when your focus is elsewhere.

Which of the above categories does your brand fall into? If you’re looking to build an online presence from scratch or even just improve the one you have, PinkCilantro can offer advice and services to get you on the right track.
From social media workshops to online branding and content strategies, we’ll ensure you have it all worked out in no time.

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